Ramsgate town centre looking pretty

I popped down Ramsgate town last week at about 5pm and I thought it actually looked very nice now that the lights at the centre are switched on.

Ramsgate Town

Ramsgate Town

I didn?t actually buy much and only popped into the 99p Store (old Woolworths) coming out with a pack of metre-long drinking staws and a litre on Chilli Sauce!

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  1. Serge Moulins says:

    Ramsgate town centre is indeed looking pretty, Adem, but where is the Euroferries Express? Would Ramsgate not be a whole lot better if the promised ferry link to Boulogne had come to pass? The sad thing is that much of northern France now mocks Ramsgate, yet the town is not to blame for the Euroferries debacle.


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