Shopping at Cité Europe by Eurotunnel

In the tunnel

In the tunnel

Yesterday I went to Calais, but instead of going on the ferry, I went with Eurotunnel and I must say that it was such an easy experience. Everything about the process was very simple and I would definitely consider using Eurotunnel again. Check-in was 30 minutes before departure, and I was pleasantly surprised when all I had to do was drive my car up to the barrier, which then automatically recognised my numberplate and printed out my boarding card.

After a bit of waiting we drove straight onto the train and after about half an hour we were driving back-off and making the short journey to Cité Europe. I bought lots of booze, some bread, and also picked up some snails too. I?d booked the 4:50pm (local time) return, but we were all done by 2:30pm and managed to get on the 3pm return train instead, which yet again was very helpful.

Job well done

Job well done

It all made for a good day out, especially as tickets were only £15. On Sunday I am back over to Calais but this time with P&O and will be visiting for the last day of the Christmas Market. Less booze cruise this time and more of a cultural visit although I shall have to wrap up warm as yesterday it had been snowing in Calais and the lakes and ponds had frozen over.

Below is a video showing what it?s like on the train.

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5 Responses to Shopping at Cité Europe by Eurotunnel

  1. Zhu says:

    That?s what you bought! Holy cow! Is it really cheaper in France?
    Zhu´s last blog ..

  2. Belle says:

    I see you like beer !!! Woken up to 4 inches of snow this morning?

  3. Adem says:

    It isn?t actually that much cheaper in France, not anymore, due to the weakness of the GBP and the strength of the Euro, but it is a nice day out and a chance to buy some different ales that I haven?t had before.

  4. Belle says:

    Agree completely, this is where the Tunnel and Fery Operators are losing out on spend per person ? not enough difference to make it worth while for the shopper even if it is tax-paid !

    Cité Europe is convenient but as in all things ?touristy? a bit more pricey to a captive audience. Best booze buys are in Leclerc Supermarket but you?d have to really drive on ?ze ozur sid? !

    Enjoy the Christmas Market, I did a stall one year, great fun but ****** cold.

  5. Booze Lover says:

    Oh that sounds and looks like so much fun. Booze and Europe, I must save and make plans!


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