Lost and Forgotten Sweets

I appealed on Twitter for any subjects I could blog about as I wanted to write something, but alas had no inspiration, but luckily Kevin replied with this:

@ lost & forgotten sweets, make sure you include Nerds

So here I am writing a post about lost and forgotten sweets of my childhood.

I think the types of sweets you buy do vary upon your age and whilst at primary school I was always a sucker for penny sweets or the sweets that they kept in big jars on the back shelf. It was always ?one of those? one of those.. one of those? when picking penny sweets which most likely used to infuriate the shopkeeper who would put the sweets in a small white paper bag, clinging onto their sanity, although they would sometimes get pushed over the edge when a snotty-nosed kid jabbed a grubby finger against the glass and shouted at with ?not that one?THAT ONE!? , whilst still pointing unhelpfully to what could be any of a variety of different sweets.

Fizzy cola bottles, pink mushrooms, foam strawberries, and white chocolate mice were my favourites from the penny sweets, but when it came to the jars of sweets I would either opt for a quarter of strawberry bonbons or a quarter of lemon sherbets. These weren?t maybe as exciting as getting a whole selection of penny sweets but they certainly lasted longer although I don?t think the cloying toffee or the 100% sugar really helped with my teeth.

In junior school that all changed and it seemed to be that the most toxic sweets were the ones to be savoured. Pah to penny sweets, now it was Refresher bars, Nerds, gobstoppers, Dip Dabs, and whatever else I could get my hands on. They were full of E-numbers, artificial colourings, and artificial flavourings, just what any growing boy needs, and this was where my pocket money went. This must have been what it?s like for junkies.

Once I moved on to secondary school then I think my tastes turned to the more savoury spectrum associated with getting to choose my choice of lunch at the school canteen, and although I still like sweets, I will never have the same sweet-tooth like I had up until the age of eleven.

I?m sure there were plenty more sweets that I?ve forgotten to mention, so feel free to leave a comment and let me know what your favourite sweets were when you were young.

n.b. Sherbet Flying Saucers should get a notable mention although they were always more fun in theory than in actual taste.

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7 Responses to Lost and Forgotten Sweets

  1. Timmy says:

    Was all about quarters of toffee crumble. Basically mashed up twixes, but was wicked.

    Also, dweebs and wham bars.

  2. Kevin says:

    Ha! Can?t believe it?s possible to get blog post written on demand, the wonder of modern technology!

    The topic came from my girlfriend, Emily. She was telling me that she?d had some Nerds earlier for the first time in donkeys. I happened to be looking at my phone as your tweet arrived so I asked her for a quick answer. It was a natural response.

    I think it only fair that I list some of my favourite childhood snacks:

    Flying Saucers
    Sherbet Fountain
    Sherbet Lemon


    Anyway, thanks for the blog post. Really made me smile.

    Speak soon.

  3. Aravis says:

    Yummy memories! I also liked the penny candies, my favorites being butterscotch drops and bull?s eyes/cowtails (same thing, different names by region). I loved pixie sticks and pop rocks. And of course the Gobstoppers and Nerds. *G*
    Aravis´s last blog ..Why the Hate?

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  5. Tom says:

    I loved Wham bars, they were amazing.
    I still think you can get ?em but it?s hard!
    These days it?s all Haribo this and Haribo that, and it?s not the same!

  6. Matt says:

    Great post??enjoyed reading this, bought back some memories!
    I am glad they have finally bought back Jap Desserts!
    Try http://www.zapsweets.co.uk as i know they have stock of alot of these retro sweets!

  7. retro sweets says:

    Terry?s sandwich chocco bar?OHHHHH scraping the dark layer off with your teeth to reveal the milk one, yummy.
    (Ok OK did n?t you do things like that when you were young?)
    retro sweets´s last blog ..Soft Nougat – Dark Chocolate and Peanut


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