BBC Inside Out feat. Euroferries (link here)

Tonight Euroferries were featured on BBC 1?s Inside Out programme in an investigation by Glenn Campbell under the title of ?Will Euroferries start a new ferry service??

You will shortly be able to watch the programme on BBC iPlayer on this link.

I?m not sure of the viewing figures for the programme but I?m sure that quite a few people in the South-East watch it so it really could be seen as a good PR opportunity to set the record straight and let the public know what is happening, something the blogging community has been asking for the past year, but Euroferries declined to be filmed and instead released another press release (some of which contradicted what Thanet Council were saying.)

Glenn went down to their ?offices? at the Port of Ramsgate to find that there weren?t any, and then went to find Adrian Gillan (Director of Euroferries), but he wasn?t available either, so yet again it was left to the viewer to speculate and grow even more pessimistic about the chance of a cross channel ferry from Ramsgate to Boulogne.

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2 Responses to BBC Inside Out feat. Euroferries (link here)

  1. Belle says:

    If you are seriously looking to travel to France and not just a one off to be on the first boat out (Jane WJ?) book elsewhere.

    Euroferries have made a grave error ? Gillan/Maughan/Reed et al or PR girl should have agreed to put a face to this ? toooooooooo late guys.

  2. Belle says:

    I know it?s me again, relating to the BBC thingy, the closest you get to Gare Maritime is the LD Lines Booking Office ? so same scenario as in Ramsgate.


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