Understanding American Football

I?ve never really watched American Football before and have only got tastes of it from the movies (Last Boy Scout anyone?) which I doubt really gives a true representation of the sport. I do however know the basic rules of the game and always liken it to Rugby League for simplicities sake. Of course there are lots of ?time-outs? too which seem to be integral to American sports.

So anyway, I found myself watching the Super Bowl match between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts and I quite enjoyed it, although I only made it to halftime before having to get to bed (just before 1am). This morning I found out the Saints had won the match 31-17. We Brits usually dismiss the game as rugby but with padding, but I guess that?s because we don?t know a great deal about the game. Don?t get me wrong, some of it is still very ?different? to sports I?ve played but I guess I?ve got a little more respect for it now having actually watched a real game.

The only thing that would annoy me though is the adverts which come on at every possible moment, but luckily for me I was watching the match on BBC1 so when the adverts came up they just went back to the studio for some more insight from the pundits (and from and @).

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  1. J. says:

    The Super Bowl isn?t really a fair representation of how many adverts there normally are. TV timeouts are extended, and I agree, quite annoying. It?s funny, though, that you mention Americans? fondness for timeouts, as I find soccer hard to follow without a break in the action!

    Glad you enoyed the game!


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