Don?t you hate it when you have nothing interesting to say???? I seem to be quite unmotivated lately and as such my conversational technique is to be found lacking. Why did I feel the need to tell you of my lust for Championship Manager?????

The reason is that for the past few days my life has been : wakeup; go to work; go home; play on the PC; go to bed. With a few other things stuck in there somewhere.

I?ll try and leave posting new massages until I have something interesting to say??.p.s I found how to put pics in posting??It?s amazing what clicking on help can do.

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  1. work from home moms says:

    adem, why can?t more sites be as good as yours!!! You see I am changing my life at the moment and I have decided to start a legitimate home business site. I am trying to get inspiration so I can become easier to talk to. You site has given me some ideas. I talk to a wide range of people and I need to relate to everyone I come across so thanks for your posts! The title ?BORING!!!!!!!!!? caught my eye so I thought I?d post on this one. Cheers.


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