It’s been a long time coming……

Phew, how long’s it been since the last post?? Too long I think.

England won the London Rugby 7′s tournament, and I had the privelidge (?) of watching around 16 teams battle it out at twickenham, with England finishing the top of the pile by beating New Zealand in the final.

Well after supporting England Footy at the pub on saturday, and contributing to the landlords retirement fund, I feel I’ve now contributed to English Rugby….and the retailers who ply their trade in the vicinity of Twickenham! What a wallet-thinning day!

After getting my official tournament ticket (20), my rail ticket (22), my official programme (3), my authentic south african boerewors (a traditional south african farmhouse sausage (4.50), my icecream (1.60), and my official England Rugby Shirt (40), I seem to have spent a fair bit!!!!!

Now back to work to earn some more money and repeat the cycle another weekend.

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