New Photos

Hiya everyone.

I got a new phone last week, a nokia 7250i, with a camera. So whilst I’ve been on my jollies, I’ve been like a kid at Christmas, and have been snapping away.

Now I’ve just bought an infrared receiver to plug into my PC so I can transfer my photos onto the PC, and then…….ta da…..onto my blog.

So here’s a lovely picture of my local pub in Ramsgate.

I went to Chichester and Bournemouth for a long weekend. I went paintballing with my old friends from Chichester on Friday (I’ve still got the bruises), and I stayed with my mate Sam (see below)and his missus Jo.

Then on Saturday I went to Bournemouth to see my old friend and ex-housemate Christine (see below), who I went to university with. It was cool to see her again and catch up on old times.

See, I really have been taking loads of pointless photos. Ah, technology nowadays.

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