Just do what comes naturally

Does anyone ever get that feeling to stop watching Telly, go outside to that mess you call a garden, pick up some tools, and put in some hard work so that even Alan Titchmarsh would be pround of you?

Well about a month ago I moved back home and set myself a task of doing exactly that. It didn’t happen an Mr. Television became King of me.

OK, so half my garden is in a pretty good state, but then the other half is, well, not in a good state. A few years ago I dug it all up, put down a layer of this magic material that should keep weeds from every growing again, and covered it in pebbles and shingle, and thought “the job’s a good’un, I’ll never have to do that again, goodbye weeds”. Well that magic stuff wasn’t magic at all and now I’m left with an area covered in shingle, weeds and crap lining material, and I’ve gotta clean it up.

Yesterday I came back from my travels and got in the garden. I thought I’d start with something small, so I have dug up, weeded, and generally kicked ass, and made my very own veggy patch at the bottom of the garden. (anyone remember that cartoon ‘the herbs’?)

Hopefully the stuff will grow, but I’ve had to opt for planting seeds of the variety radish, lettuce, and carrot, as we are getting quite late in the summer and all the fun stuff is past there ‘sow by date’.

So that’s my effort of Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall standards to get a bit of organic in my life. And now I have to crack on with the Ground Force part of the task and make the rest look ‘shit-hot’.

I’ve got the tools, the motivation, and the skill, to make it happen. Keep posted to see how it develops. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s of to work I go……….

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