Can we just talk?

I’ve only just noticed but I’m getting mentally lazy. Have you seen how many pictures I’ve got on my blog? there’s shitloads. Now if you have a quick peek at my profile, before I started this new entry I’d written 5,062 words….not that bad….but that was in 67 posts…..equalling an average of just over 75 words per post! I could get more insightful reading matter from the ingredients on the back of a Mars bar.

Also, another moan, when did ademblog get so fucking boring? It seems to just be “I did this, I did that” blah blah blah etc etc. I think (?) I had a few good posts in the early days but now it just seems to be my ‘bragging bitch’. I need to start actually thinking about what I’m writing and maybe actually put some stuff on that people may actually want to read. It’s all about opinions, thoughts, and having a transfer of ideas. That’s what I’ve had to relearn from looking at other peoples blogs. We bloggers are exhibitionists and voyeurs, not in the sexual tabloid sense but we like to share what’s going on in our minds and also compare ourselves with what other people actually think, and the blog is a refreshingly true place where people don’t seem to mind that what they write about is ofter quite personal, they actually get somekind of therepy, not from talking to a psychiatrist but instead to their keyboard and monitor.

I can honestly say that it’s doing me some good just typing away, not worrying and just letting my fingers do the talking.

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