Wow. I had a really vivid dream last night and it felt really real. I can?t remember too much but the overriding thing was clocks, watches, and time. I shared this experience with the other people in the dream, and even though in the dream I thought I was dreaming I had woken up (in the dream) and spoken to the other people and they had had the same experience/dream in my dream in the dream?.geddit? Well I?m sure there must be some kind of psychological reasoning behind this dream, something about fearing my own mortality or something like that, but anyway it was cool to have a dream to wake up and analyse. Oh there was also a dog there who experienced the dream in my dream?how to I know??.because he spoke to me!

I?m a fucking mentalist!!

Answers on a postcard please if you can answer my dream.

P.S. At the end I found a broken pocket watch in pieces. I picked it up and put it together. Hmmm I?m off to sleep to have a chat to Sigmund about that?.and the dog!?

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  1. Brian says:

    here goes, you can believe it or not. i?m just going to throw something out there about your dream. I think it is a race against time. You are running out of time to do or fix something. You share it with others, because you are longing for the answer, but the answer is as simple as the dog that explains to you what you need to do or fix. As soon as you realize the answer which has been under your nose the whole time, you put the peices together again and it is fixed. The real answer in all this is you. You are the answer. Make it work, cause it is in you and You can fix it. Or do it. No worries for it is in you.


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