John Peel Rock In Peace

What a shock. John Peel died today whilst on holiday in Peru.I’m not usually one to get shocked by celebrity deaths (what a terrible reflection on peoples attitudes nowadays) but this one hit me.

I’ve got to say I wasn’t an avid listener to his shows but I’ve got to give him great respect in that he did a lot for music in the UK. I can remember hearing some very ‘different’ music in his shows in an eclectic way that only he seemed to manage. He didn’t have a ‘Radio 1 playlist’, something which has dragged the channel into mediocrity, with the listener not being able to distinguish one piece of pop drivel from another.

Not everything he played was to my taste but I did get to hear quite a few good tracks, usually white-labels, which I wouldn’t have heard anywhere else. For this fact he deserves praise in that he went against the norm but didn’t try to enforce his views on anyone. A good man indeed.

Read the BBC obituary here

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