Lazy Arse

I often reflect on the consumer society we live in and where we want everything now, get everything now, and everything is sparkly. I like it that I can get everything in one place (usually TESCO), It saves me all that precious time in the day and it’s usually cheap. But what did we do before these huge conglomerates? Did we all starve? No, we went to lots of different shops, each one specialising in something. But now it’s all under one roof.

I try and go to these smaller shops, greengrocers and butchers alike, and I have to admit the quality and choice is far superior to that in these ‘supermarkets’ (what an egotistical way to label one’s self), but then I have to get off my arse…..we are all very lazy.

There you go, not much of a post, but I just had to say something.


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