Cool Band Names

I was out at the weekend and it seems that after a few alcoholic beverages I get some brilliant ideas and tell myself to ?remember that one for the morning, it?s a corker, whatever you do don?t forget it?. Now usually this applies to ideas for making money, but last weekend I?m sure I came up with a brilliant name for a band. I don?t play any musical instruments although if someone asks I?ll reply that I occasionally play the pink oboe? but I reckon you could have no talent but have a good name and at least someone would listen to you on a whim.
One band name that comes immediately is Dogs Die In Hot Cars, They are quite a cool band although I?ve only heard a few of their songs.
Another good one, although slightly disturbing is And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
I can?t think of anymore at the moment but if you can then why not put it in the comments of this post.
I?m sure none of them will be as good as the one I thought of?.and then forgot!

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  1. Daniel says:

    Oh and Tom was pretending to play the guitar after having a few alcoholic drinks.

    He looked like a complete cunt.

  2. Daniel says:

    What about ?God Speed You Black Emperor?

    Some I found online?.

    The Jack Nicholson?s Toilet Seeds

    Jizzy Speedwack

    Jack Off Jill

    Janitors Against Apartheid

    The Leave It To Beaver Conehead Immolation

    Muff Diver?s Association

    Nearly Died Laughing While Shaving My Butt

    And my favourite:

    People With Chairs Up Their Noses


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