To Baldly Go……

Last night I found a few old photos hidden in a brown envelope. One of them was of me with my flowing locks when I was at the ripe old age of 17 (circa early 1998). I guess quite a few people go through that stage when they’re younger and have a go at growing their hair, and it annoyed my mum too.

Well now at the ripe old age of 24 I’ve got my male-pattern baldness down to a tee, some grey hairs, and generally not able to do much with the old mop. So last week I just shaved it all off and I’m quite happy with the results and I’ve got my bouncer impression down to a tee.
Now the root of my problem is too much testosterone. Apparently (according to my extensive research!) I must be genetically programmed for baldness, and so my chemical receptors in the hair follicles covert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. This chemical causes the follicles to produce thin, downy hair which can’t hide my scalp, and hence leaves me with a naked noggin!
Apparently the sure fire way to avoid baldness is….wait for it….castration! Well it’d definately stop that pesky testosterone but I kinda like having testicles!

Here’s another pic I found and it’s of me on my 18th birthday (Dec 1998)with my friend Rach. See I had hair then too!

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