Well it?s all go on the whole elections front with coverage on in the newspapers and on TV.
The thing is that I don?t know who to vote for. My feeling are that Labour and Conservative are basically the same and there aren?t a huge amount of differences between them. At the end of the day I?m sure that they lost the motive behind their initial formation and could be called anything. Labour was born out of the trade union movement with the aim of giving a political voice to the working classes. I?m sure that the MPs know all about being working class.
One Party that I definitely won?t be voting for is the Conservatives, or Torys as you may know them (the term ?Tory? comes from the Irish Gaelic word for ?bandit? or ?outlaw?). I am shocked by their slogan ?are you thinking what we?re thinking? and their views on immigration, preying on the xenophobia of many of the population of Britain who view immigrants as a problem that will eventually cause the downfall of ?our country?. One of the posterboards that caused a great outcry was one saying ?it?s not racist to impose limits on immigration?. My simple reply to this is yes it is.
We are a country built by immigrants and we wouldn?t be the country we are today without people who have come to this country from other shores and contributed to it. It seems that people might need to scrub up on their history and learn a little more about the world.
There are quite a few people who feel this way and have altered the posters.

The only good soundbites I?ve heard have come from the Green Party and their pledges to cut pollution. What! A party who are actually altruistic in their pledges! Amazing isn?t it. Still they probably won?t a huge amount of voters and it seems everyone is quite short sighted and are only in it for ?me, me, me.?

I know this post has been a bit wayward without any real structure but I hope you get the gist.

Pah, who believes in democracy anyway? Why do we all need a say?

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  1. gay tom says:

    I actually don?t agree with your views on immigration Adem old chap. I don?t think that it is racism to impose sanctions or criteria upon immigration. The basic fact is, that if a country cannot support the extra influx, (asylum aside ? those genuinely seeking refuge from circumstances out of their control should be given refuge wherever possible, in any country) it should be that the government can impose guidelines on the type of immigrant that we allow to move here. This basically takes the form of persons who can add to the skills of a country, and especially those who can add to skills desperately in need. This system is operational in countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia, and is accepted practice, yet no-one complains of racism. Would you feel that the Oz government were being racist if they denied you residence in their country because you did not have skills which were in demand in their country? If they denied you residence based on skin colour or origin, you would obviously have a case.

  2. adem says:

    I do see where you?re coming from but I think the Conservatives are appealing to the lowest common denomination. The people who they are trying to entice with this type of electioneering are those who view all immigrants as a strain on our society. They are the types who constantly go on about ?asylum seekers? and the amount of asian doctors in the NHS without realising that what they are advocating is some kind of Aryan state, why not just vote BNP?

    ?Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we drive your ambulances. We connect your calls, we guard you while you sleep. Do not? fuck with us.? ? Tyler Durden


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