Scarey Stuff.

I’ve just booked a few flights for a daytrip to Edinbrough through EUJet who fly from an airport, Manston, just a few miles from my home. They’ve been doing an offer lately where they had 50,000 seats going on sale where on the first day there were the tickets cost 20 each way, the next day they were 15, the next 10, the next 5, and today just 1p! Of course you have to factor in tax and the fact these seats are only for flights on a tuesday, wednesday, or a thursday. Well I got 3 return flight for 113.43 (not the 6p I hoped it might be!). But even more shocking was when I recieved my confirmation email.

“This email has been sent by a robot”! A robot actually sent me an email…amazing…but a little scarey when you read the second sentance: “Please do not reply to it”. Why not? Is this a thinly veiled threat? I just have visions of ‘Robby the Robot’ from ‘Lost in Space’ typing these emails. He’s been out of the limelight for 50 years and has developed some very disturbing personality disorders. It doesn’t bare thinking about………..”Danger, Will Robinson!”.

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