St. George’s Day?

It passed by without a whimper. You may not even know it but yesterday was St. George’s Day (the Patron Saint of England), a day for celebrating England. I think their should be a national pride and having a special day is a way to educate people about England and its history but there is something lacking about the day and their isn’t the normal take-up on this day.
As mentioned in a previous post I had my fill of being Oirish on St. Patricks day but yesterday my local pub had english wine-tasting and was promoting Bombadier (a traditional English Ale) but their wasn’t that buzz about it. I think the main factor that no-one goes crazy about it is because there isn’t any money to be made and being English isn’t a stereotype.
Maybe next year bombadier can do a promotion and give away bowler hats, or maybe Morris Dancer gear?

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