When I got up today I whacked on BBC News 24 to check out the election results. There was still a glimmer of hope but Labour have won again, although by a smaller majority. (I had to laugh because there was a woman standing behind Blair who was wearing a hat with ?BLIAR? on it?the truth will always come out.)
I voted Lib Dem yesterday for both the General election and also my local Council elections. It didn?t do much but there?s still hope for the future with the gaps between parties getting smaller.
The constituancy I?m in is Thanet South and here are the results.

Stephen Ladyman Labour 16,660
Mark MacGregor Conservative 15,996
Guy Voizey Liberal Democrat 5,431
Nigel Farage UK Independence Party 2,079
Howard Green Green 888
Maude Kinsella Independent 188

Labour won by a mere 664 votes beating the Conservatives by 1.6%! Only 40.4 percent of the voters wanted Labour in and there?s where the fault in the ?First Past the Post? system lies. Utter rubbish.

When I?ve got time I?ll talk about the ?Single Transferable Vote? system which is a much fairer way of deciding who?ll rule.

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  1. Lord Bargain says:

    hey, at least it was worth voting in your constituency as it was pretty close.

    for those of us with Tories getting 60 odd percent of the vote, I *entirely* wasted my time yesterday evening.

    you had no Veritas candidate? that?s a raw deal.


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