ba ding ding ding ding di di ding ding bah bahbeday

Have you ever gone out, not think you?ve drunk that much, and then woken up in the morning not remembering much of the previous evening? I couldn?t remember the places I?d been too and sometimes who I was with!
Now either someone?s been dropping the old rohypnol into my pints (I did wake up with a funny taste in my mouth?) or I was just drinking a bit quicker than normal.
hmmm I?ll have to wait till next weekend to see if the results can be replicated.

On another note last week I decided I wanted to go fishing but no one else could be bothered apart from Big Gay Tom, so we set off to Deal Pier at 11:30am on Sunday (would?ve been earlier but Tom had to clean out the rabbits hutch). The weather was a bit cloudy and windy but it was still a good day and we carried on till 6pm as I had to get back home for a session of Dodgeball at Pfizer where Jonny had booked the sports hall. I?ve realised that I?m not very good at Dodgeball (although it was my first time) but made my own enjoyment by being juvenile and putting my fishy fingers under people noses and saying ?your mum!??..ah school days??and MILFS??

Tom casting out his big rod

The ugliest fish ever?.(looks a bit like blinky from the Simpsons)

Memories of the day?.1. me constantly singing Ordinary People by John Legend (it started to annoy me after Tom had committed suicide) 2. Me constantly going on about ?how shallow the water was? (I said it about 50 times).

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  1. adem says:

    Anyone know what the fish is?


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