With the briefcase empty and the holes in my shoes. I try to stay friendly for the sugary abuse.

I’ve just pooped popped up to Westwood Cross and had a look around. It opened on Thursday but at 2:20pm on a Monday it wasn’t that busy. Saturday was a different matter when it clogged up the whole area. Anyway there seem to be 3 shops up there that I may actually like! They are…

1. Burtons (I like simple cheap clothes and some of the stuff they do fits the bill, or Adem in this case).

2. Waterstones (wow, a place you can buy books! It’s not the biggest one I’ve been to so they’ve had to chop out a few categories. But I picked up Angels and Demons by Dan Brown for 3.49, I’d read his others ones already but that one had eluded me.)

3. HMV (I went to a friends brothers gig at the Brittania pub in Margate, Ollie Hodder, and I must say the boy’s got talent. His opening song was a cover of Underdog (Save Me) by Turin Brakes from ‘the Optimist Lp’ of which I used to have a copy of (now long lost) so I bought that album plus Psyence Fiction by Unkle, which I only have on cassette, in a 2 for 10 double whammy… fantastic!)

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