Blog Anniversaire

I was scouting a few blogs and someone mentioned they?d missed their blogs anniversary?..shock??.I had missed mine too! The Big Blog first came into being on Monday 10th May 2004 and has been going for over a year. So as a belated birthday present here?s what the first post was.

Just Started Blogging

My friend Dave told me about blogging so I thought ?Fuck it? and am gonna give it a go. We?ll have to see how long it lasts. Hmm now to find stuff to put on it. ? adem

posted by adem at 7:28 PM

I?m sure that this is the way that many start but I?ve seen many bloggers lose their way and fail to update their blog after the first few months??how sad. In fact this is the case for Dave?s blog, which has a grand total of eleven posts, and shares the same birthday with the Big Blog.

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  1. dju says:

    Have a nice blog-anniversary ;-)


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