Reduce ? Reuse ? Recycle

Whilst I?m on my self-righteous tip, I might as well tell you that I?ve been recycling. I must admit that I didn?t really do that much until about 6 months ago. Previously I only went to the recycling centre every so often (usually after a large party with a car-bootfull of bottles) but now I?m well up for it.

As you can see from the picture, I collect Newspapers, glass, and tins, and every 2 weeks the ?green? waste (stuff from the garden) is picked up by the special binmen.
The only thing is that there?s no provision for plastics, which to be fair are a lot more prevalent nowadays in our throw-away consumer lives. I think it may be because there are so many types of plastic that it would probably cost too much and take too much energy to collect it and thus it would negate the whole recycling ethos. Who knows? I could probably look it up but I can?t be bothered (just look here).
I still don?t understand why the whole ?returning bottles to where you bought them from and getting a few pence thing? was discontinued here in the UK. I do remember having to take back lucozade bottles and getting a few coins back sometime in the 80s, and local kids would see if they could take other people bottles back (and obviously keep the return coinage.)
I was in Canada a few years back and they still operate that kind of system, and I?ll tell you, people are less likely to throw away their bottles (When you buy the drinks your receipt tells you how much deposit you paid for your bottles adding actual value to the receptacle you are using.) Any that do get littered are soon picked up by tramps and they get a few cents their way. Still having plenty of homeless isn?t good either.

Well I?m off to bed as I ?m tired and have been working at the pub, and I sure this post has started to ramble a little at the end???zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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2 Responses to Reduce ? Reuse ? Recycle

  1. tom says:

    I was at Sandwich tip the other day, and all the recycling we do at home can be done there, including plastic bottles and containers. I may well wang down there in future to deposit my loads.

  2. Daniel says:

    We recycke at sabdwich tip too.. they take masses of plastic, and all our paper, glass and tins.


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