I don’t like mondays, tell me why?

It’s been over a week since my last post. I know it’s a bad thing to do but I just couldn’t gear myself up do doing anything as I have been too knackered. I seem to go from extremes of thinking my life is wasting away to doing everything I possibly can and then being knackered. I can’t seem to find a mid section between it, a compromise of too little and too much. I like to think that no day is wasted and that if I died tommorrow I’d be happy that I had lived a full life and tried to get as much out of it as possible, but the reality is (I hope) that I’m more than likely to be alive tommorrow.
This morning I got the photos from my camera and uploaded them to my site. In the next few posts you shall see what I’ve been upto in the past week. My usual week consists of:
Monday: Work 10am-2pm + 7pm-11.30pm
Tuesday: Work 10am-2pm + Squash 8pm-9:45pm
Wednesday: Work 10am-2pm + 4pm-10pm
Thursday: Work 8am-10am + 10:30am-2pm + 5-aside football (varied times in evening)
Friday: Work 10am-2pm + 7pm-2am (Night Out)

Saturdays and Sundays are a mix of leisure sports (golf, football, etc) and drinking, going out, or trips arranged by me.

If you add up the working hours then it only equals 32 hours ( a few less than the typical working week, but the thing that makes it seem much longer is that my time is divided between two jobs, one daytime, one evening, which makes it seem like I’m workin the whole day as there isn’t that time to ‘switch-off’ and relax. I’m always thinking that I can’t stop as I’ve got more things to do. It’s the same with the evening sports that I’m committed to doing, which are fun but can at sometimes seem like a chore when maybe I’ve had a hard day.

I know I’ve been moaning but as my weeks are crammed full, then I seem to think it’d be great to do something at the weekend and maybe getaway for the day.
My next posts will detail these, but usually the weekend will finish, I’ll be even more tired and then the week cycle begins as it’s monday.

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