Who ya gonna call?

Last weekend (28th/29th may), It was my friend Andys Stag Do, and for this a dozen of us took a trip down to Bournemouth. Over the week myself, Dan (the best man, and twin of said Andy), and Ian, had bee working on Ghostbusters costumes for us all as dressing up has become a tradition for Stag-Do’s and occasions such as New Year.
As is always evident the anonimity that a uniform/disguise provides is amazing when it comes to slf confidence, stupidity, and the attention of the opposite sex. Even the most usually shy member of the group will gain new confidence bouyed on by the praise of members of the public and the attention received from ‘laydees’. Amazing.

It was a good time, but geting up at 8am and going to bed at 2am took its toll over the weekend, and was yet another reason for me to be tired.

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