If I die before I wake. At least in Heaven I can skate

Yesterday I went to the Sprite Urban Games at Clapham Common and it was quite nice to get away to the ?big smoke?. After parking a few train stops away from Clapham (we had been advised it?d be too busy to park in Clapham) and then travelling to Clapham we found that there were LOADS of spaces and we could?ve saved ourselves LOADS of time.

After our long journey we got to the common (advised Chris not to go for a pee in a bush as some people might get the wrong idea) and entered the fenced off area where the Urban Games were taking place. I must admit it was a lot smaller than I imagined and wassn?t that busy but I still had a good time but after about 3 hours we?d seen all we could and made our journey home.

I must admit that all the stuff going on was pretty cool and makes me want to go out and buy a BMX and do some tricks, but I know I wouldn?t be very good at it. I got quite a few photos but it was quite overcast so the colours didn?t come out brilliantly.

My compromise is that I?ll become really good at vinyl DJing and then my more adventurous mates can do all the tricks. Here are some photos from the day, I think they?ll explain it better than I can:

P.S. We did see this cool thing.

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