Hey girls, hey boys, Superstar DJ?s, here we go!

I have no musical talent but when I was at Uni I used to do a bit of DJing. The equipment I used was a Numark CD Mixer and Player, not as prestigious as vinyl, but I still got to learn mixing, got a crowd going, and got to listen and play a huge range of music. It widened my musical taste and although I?ve never played a musical instrument I could hear music in a completely different way and felt that I could understand it better.

Another thing I got to learn about was PA Systems, how they work, what goes where, specific types on cables, connections, and also general troubleshooting and making the audio sound good. I had a good time doing it and I was able to pass on my knowledge to a handful of other students whom I was able to teach how to mix and how to become an ok DJ.

When I left Uni I wasn?t able to DJ because 1) I couldn?t afford the equipment 2) I didn?t really have the time 3) I couldn?t be bothered DJing for anyone else as I wouldn?t have the freedom to play a wide range of music that Uni provided.

I pretty much mastered CD mixing and I did get hold of some vinyl decks a few years back for free but I?ve never got around to actually using them. This is going to change and I?m going to be ?cool? ?cooler?. I?ve just bought a mixer on ebay and have got quite a few records so I?m going to start learning to mix vinyl as a new hobby, just for me.

In a response to my last post this is going to be my effort to make some ?real music?.

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