Music makes the people come together

Could you imagine a world without music?

It?s amazing how music can reach you in ways that no other form can, and how it is constantly all around us. The only problem is that there is perhaps sometimes too much music that a lot of the ?real music? has been drowned out or polluted by polished, clean, manufactured, commercial music. I do enjoy a vast amount of music that is available in the mainstream on the radio, downloads, CD, or TV but as I?ve said they?re too clean, tweaked in studios till they are considered as near perfect as they can be.

What I really enjoy is when the music is stripped down and reduced for the live gig, the freshness that comes from hearing a song that will never be heard the same again at anytime other than at that gig, added to this is the energy coming from a band on form and enjoying it, and also the unlimited possibility of where the track will go, the quips added by the vocalist, and most off all the thing I love is the audience interaction where you are truly involved in an almost tribal experience. This is something that cannot be achieved whilst sitting at home listening to a song that you know will always end on 3:34 and will always remain the same. Some songs are brilliantly recorded and I could listen to them again and again but just imagine hearing it live?..ooooh.

I feel that I?ve been deprived of my fix of ?real music? for quite a while now as I haven?t been to a gig for quite a while and this is something I?m going to change (I did go to a Uni Ball which had cools bands but I didn?t go specifically for them). I?m starting off with going to see my friend Andy?s brother Ollie play an acoustic set in Brighton on the afternoon of August 5th, and then I?m going to see a funk band Ticklin The Pickle (I run their website by the way) play in the evening at the Casablanca Club. From small acorns they say, and so I?m planting my gig seed here and hope to add a few more over the summer, maybe even seeing a few bigger bands.

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  1. Flash says:

    You are so right!
    Live music, when at it?s goosepimple inducing best, is better than sex.
    I used to go gigging all the time & I really miss it.
    More than that though, I miss actually performing live which I haven?t done for over 10 years now.


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