I just don?t know what to do with myself

I must say there?s not really much going on. As some of you may know I do 2 part-time jobs, one is at a University, one is at a pub. I?ve been quite busy at the Uni job as it?s only 6 weeks till the freshers arrive and I?m trying to sort out loads of stuff before they arrive. On the other hand I?m not really doing much at the Pub. Shifts are on a rota so can vary from week to week, and for the next few weeks I?m virtually doing bugger all there, as I?ve only put down for a few shifts. I do enjoy working there but sometimes when I get my wages I wonder if it?s really worth it. At that job I?m on minimum wage, 4.85 an hour, and I think to myself ?is worth working a whole evening and getting 20?? I?d rather have some time to myself.

So now I?ve got some more time to myself and there?s a few web-projects that I?ve been meaning to do but haven?t got around to, but still they elude me. Instead I?m enjoying watching TV, playing on Football Manager 2005, and generally not doing anything constructive. I have got a few things planned but nothing life-changing.

The sunday league team I play for have got their first friendly on Sunday which I?m looking forward to but I?m sure we?ll lose as we?re all out of shape and quite a few of the team are injured, but it?ll be good to get back into punting a ball around with a hangover. Incidently the club website is one of those web-projects I was talking about. I?ve been working with my friend Chris to create a database so that all stats can be filtered into the site and all pages will update after the previous match info has been input, but we?ve both been lazy on that and so I hope we can get it done before the season starts.

I?ve also been trying to organise a club weekend away. Last year it was Somerset, the year before Brighton, the year before that France, and this year it looks like we?ll be going to brilliant Bognor Regis. I couldn?t arrange a game there so instead we?ll be camping and going out and experiencng all that Bognor has to offer (I?m going to enjoy going to Shieks Nightclub, now called Club Vision, as I enjoyed many a student night there) . It may actually be good that we haven?t got a game as last year we were clubbing to around 3am and had a game at 10am, Paul Merson eat your heart out.

In a response to Lord Bargain?s last post I think I?ll try and come up with a more cerebrally enhancing post next time, something to educate and cause debate.

I?m off to Brighton tomorrow, so I?ll blog over the weekend.

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3 Responses to I just don?t know what to do with myself

  1. Flash says:

    Ah, the delights of Bognor.
    I used to live there back in 1992.

    I think it?s fair to say that since then there are no delights!

    Enjoy Brighton, I?m down there on a lad?s weekend the week after you.
    You may want to inform the ladies!

  2. adem says:


    Only joking, there?s quite a few nice students there.

    I did put up a post ages ago about the ?delights? of Bognor. Click here
    to see the post.

  3. Flash says:

    I enjoyed that, very true.


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