I?ve got something to put in you

I did not, I repeat, I did not go to Gay Pride! It occured to me that at the end of the last post I wrote ?I?m off to Brighton tomorrow, so I?ll blog over the weekend?. It didn?t occur to me until yesterday when I was travelling down that it was the Gay Pride march today, and I had told loads of people that I was going down to Brighton for the weekend. I can imagine them all thinking ?that solves quite a few questions, he always did have good taste, and was always first to put YMCA on the jukebox?.

I was only there to see Ollie Hodder (my friend Andy?s brother) play on Brighton beach as part of the Lee Sounds Unsigned tour (from the people that make jeans) which has been showcasing the best unsigned talent. He got the chance to play after sending in a demo and if all goes well he could be playing at the Leeds Festival.

I?m really tired now as I stayed in a hostel and there was a women in the room who snored constantly, so here?s a brief account of my day.
-Got to Brighton
-Saw Ollie play on the beach
-Went to the pier, almost sure I got a haemorrage from the mental waltzer, but I did win some toys on the sideshows (I?m honestly not gay).
-Had some drinks
-Went back to the pier, no haemorrage this time.
-Had some more drinks
-Saw TTP play at the Casablanca Club
-Went to bed.
-Got woken up by snoring woman
-Went to sleep
-Got woken up by snoring woman
-Went to sleep
-Got woken up by snoring woman
-Went to sleep
-Got woken up by snoring woman
-Went to sleep
-Got up and went to swimming pool and had a swim and a shower.
-Left Brighton

I did have a good time there but left this morning around 11am and so avoided the March and could leave Brighton fairly quickly avoiding all traffic.

I?ve just been to Broadstairs because it?s the first day of the Folk Festival, but for a change I didn?t drink and instead drove there.

I?m off to sleep now as I?m still tired and I?ve a footy friendly tomorrow. If we do well then I?ll tell you about it, if we do shit then you?ll hear no more about it.


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  1. Lord Bargain says:

    It?s alright mate, we really don?t mind that you went to the march in Brighton.

    You don?t have to deny it on our account.

    heh heh heh


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