Wash your dirty mouth, Your dirty mouth, Watch your little mouth

I swear and cuss but I?m usually careful about the circumstances and surrounding when I go into ?potty mouth? mode. In the past I?ve tried to keep my blogging language fairly PG but I?ve seen that over the last few weeks a few swear words have crept in.

Sometimes I do swear in a throw-away mannor when there?s a suitable word that would be an adequate alternative, but I guess this is a sign of the times that so many profanities have lost their strength and shock value (I sometimes wonder what words will replace the now common place !#{&!@&^*@, #@!@&^*@, and !*!%@&^*@

I don?t do it to be big or clever but I find that only certain words can express what I?m thinking and usually these words are profanities. So in praise of these words I?m going to make my ?Top Ten Swear Words?. Borrowing from Slightlydrunk.com just hover over the bold words (such as !@!@-8;^*@) and the real swearwords should appear.


You may notice that I?ve only got 7 words in my ?Top Ten? so I?m opening the floor for comments to contribute to the list. Be as imaginative and dirty as you like, and maybe we?ll start a revolution.


In my web browsing I?ve come across a few choice swearing sites you fellow swearers may find interesting. Swearsaurus & Viz Profanisaurus

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6 Responses to Wash your dirty mouth, Your dirty mouth, Watch your little mouth

  1. Tom says:

    Nobber and arsehole.

    Hell, I swear so much on my blog I hardly notice anymore.

  2. Lord Bargain says:

    I have always had a soft spot for ?toss?. As it ?steaming pile of hot toss?. (etc)

  3. Flash says:

    It?s a winner every time!

    Still digging that Hot Hot Heat album, I see.

  4. Phil says:

    Swearing?s all kindsa fun?Hmm?See I think minge is good, but ain?t a proper swearword, flange has the same problem.
    Bugger?s a good word. So?s dick. And?probably I?d have to go for the classic shit. All three plenty expressive and multi-functional.
    Although calling someone a cumbucket is quite satisfying.

  5. adem says:

    cuntflaps is a rarely used gem

  6. Phil says:

    So?s beefcurtain/beef-flaps. Two time honoured classics.


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