Swing when you’re winning

I haven’t blogged for the week and I’m a bit sad about that but to be perfectly honest I haven’t had a huge amount to blog about. I’ve been off work for the week as I had holiday that needed using up but I haven’t gone anywhere, just stayed at home. I did do a few things that I don’t normally get a chance to do although they’re not very exciting.

On tuesday I played golf. My local golf course is pay-and-play so there’s no membership needed which is good as I only play golf around 6 times a year. The course is divided into two 9-hole sections and I usually just do 9 holes but this time I did the whole 18 with Jonny and Pub Tom. In the end we were out for about 4 hours (with a pint halfway through) and the weather was fantastic. It took a few holes to get my swing back and in the end I was happy with my tee shots and my putting but my middle game was absolutely dreadful. Practice makes perfect but at the end of the day it’s only a game and I don’t have to be perfect at it (luckily my friends are as crap as me too!)

On Wednesday daytime I went ten-pin bowling which was fun too, although there were loads of kids around. I played 3 games with Jonny (who has taken the week off work for the same reasons), and won the 1st game with a 150 score, but then lost the next 2 games with scores of only 99 each time. I must say I’m not crap and I played the first game properly but for the 2nd and 3rd games I used my spin technique which is basically showboating and very aesthetically pleasing. I get the ball to swing out to the gutter, straddle the lane, and then swing back in. I enjoy this style immensly, and so did the group of german teenagers in the next lane, who were in awe of my flair bowling. That said though, I did lose the 2nd and 3rd games, but as I previously said, it’s only a game.

So an eventful week is nearly over and I’ll be back to work soon after the weekend. exciting eh?

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