We?re all going on a summer holiday

I?ve won something!!

Lord Bargain is going away somewhere for his hols, and challenged us to guess where he was going for the prize of a specially made compilation CD (this prize was suggested by Swiss Toni).

LB is going to Toronto in fact, and the 2 nearest guesses were Guantanamo Bay (my guess) and New Orleans (by Spinsterwitch).

I must admit I wasn?t taking it too seriously when I said Guantanamo Bay, but hey I?m sure to get a cracking CD for my efforts.

Will Tiffany be on it though??? I Wonder?

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2 Responses to We?re all going on a summer holiday

  1. Lord Bargain says:

    no she blooming well won?t.

    nice picture, though. Excited? Me?

  2. Ka says:

    God I live in an ugly city. Sigh.


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