We at war with terrorism, racism, and most of all we at war with ourselves

I?ve not been very animated lately. This, I think, is due to a lack on input from myself, and also a lack of output somewhere. I haven?t really been investigating the world and have simply been going along for the ride. I?ve stopped reading lately, I don?t know why, and most of the information about the world I?ve been getting is from TV snippets and the BBC website. So it?s not been too mentally challenging and usually the majority of the news is the same and comes to the same conclusions.

I was kick started yesterday when I was reading I, Brummie?s post from Sunday and it did raise some vitriol in me. Not against Graham, but against George W. Bush, the subject of the post.

I just can?t believe the stupidity and incompetance of Bush. I?ve had this feeling towards him for many years now, basically since his election when many doubts about him were raised, and then after 9/11, the war on Iraq, Kyoto, and now Hurricane Katrina, the feelings in me are even stronger.

I would suggest you read Graham?s post as I agree fully with what he has to say but I?ll end on his last point?

14.In Conclusion, Bush?s management of this situation has been appalling ? and by any reasonable standards, grossly incompotent.I would say, that by any reasonable defintion, it borders on gross misconduct. Can we look at the presidents contract? Can he be fired for gross misconduct? If someone can lose their job for say, looking at porn on the work internet (and it has happened, but not to me)?.doesn?t the incompotence that leads to the loss of thousands and thousands of human lives lost due to gross incompetence count as gross misconduct? Why isn?t that a sackable offence? less than a decade ago we saw the example of Bill Clinton almost losing his job because he had sex with a woman who wasn?t his wife ? and right now, thousands die because of the President Bush?s gross incompotence and gross misconduct, and I don?t see Kenneth Starr anywhere, writing a report at the cost of millions of dollars to get Bush impeached.

It is so true. I?m sure he must have a contract somewhere and the first point should be that the President cannot be a dick. but sadly..

Bush is a dick

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4 Responses to We at war with terrorism, racism, and most of all we at war with ourselves

  1. Phil says:

    Totally dude. Bush is a fornicating cock-monkey. The son-of-a-bitch needs impeaching and his parents beaten for being dumb enough to have had sex in the first place.

  2. Ginny says:

    Sad but true ? he is a dick. What I can?t understand is that the Americans wanted to impeach Clinton for having sex with a woman who wasn?t his wife, but all that shit that Bush does is okay? I was sure I read ?Thou shall not kill? in Bible ? maybe the Christian right can?t read.

  3. adem says:

    Phil ? I couldn?t have said it better.
    Quote of the week contender.

  4. Louie Bruhn says:

    I really appreciate people like you who take their chance in such an excellent way to give an impression on certain topics. Thanks for having me here.


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