Can I kick it? (yes, you can!)

England are through to the World Cup finals in Germany and have finished top of their qualifying group. Nuff said but I do look out for other teams? this case Turkey. England will always be my first team but Turkey come second for me.
On wednesday they finished 2nd in their group which included Ukraine, Denmark, Greece, and also Albania, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. This means that they?ve been entered into the playoffs with 5 other European teams with only 3 of them going to the actual World Cup finals.

The draw was this morning and the teams in the draw were Spain, Slovakia, Norway, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. The final draw was:

Spain v Slovakia
Switzerland v Turkey
Norway v Czech Republic

I think Turkey have got quite a good chance of getting past the swiss although it?ll be a tight set of matches (Matches to be played 12 and 16 November)

On another point I put 50p on them to win the World Cup at 125-1 a few months ago (I think that the odds have lengthened now though?dammit)

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  1. Lord Bargain says:

    stick £1 on Switzerland to win the World Cup as well, then either way you?ll have someone in the last 32?!


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