I?ll tell you what?s going on

It seems I?ve become a fairweather blogger lately, only posting a few times a week, when I used to try and blog every day.

So what?s been happening??Well nothing of great interest.

Me, and a group of friends have been having HUGE email conversations about going on holiday next summer. Ian started it off because he wanted everyone to be able to get the time off and also save enough money. He first of all suggested Las Vegas and maybe another part of the USA, although this will be very expensive. I said I?d rather go somewhere a little more cultural, although with lots of fun too, and so Egypt has entered the equation. We?re still decing on where and when but hey, we?ve got another 9 months eh?

I was off work yesterday. I never have time off ill but I had felt the ill effects coming on since last Friday, and I finally caved in to some R&R when I had a sore throat, headache, aching joints, and wasabsolutely knackered. I lay on the sofa all day and watched daytime TV, the highlight being ?To Hell and Back? ? The true WWII story of Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in U.S. history, based on the autobiography of Audie Murphy who stars as himself in the film. The film was made in 1955, when he was 31, but he was playing himself between the ages of 16-18 which was when he served in the Army. Hollywood eh? Still he did well and it was some good escapism TV. And I feel better now.

On Monday after my great weekend away I got working on a website I?d promised to a former work colleague who had left the Students? Union a couple of months ago. Liz is a really talented lecturer, MA student, and also artist, and is branching out into drawing portraits with a difference. I did the site in one day so why not check out MangaPortraits.co.uk

I?ve now got a few websites under my belt and feel comfortable enough to actually make my own web & logo design website. I?d been putting it off as I needed some sites to put into a portfolio, but I should be able to put something good together. I?ve been researching other design sites and am going to take a while putting it all together as I really want something that?s simple for others to use. I surf a lot and know what I hate and what I like and would like the site to be accessible to all, provide competitive prices, and be something that I?ll enjoy doing. A while ago I got the domain SolidMedia.co.uk and this is where it?ll be hosted. I?ll keep you posted [P.S. Does anyone know the tax/law about having another business? It might not make any money, but what if it does? Anyone got any tips?]

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4 Responses to I?ll tell you what?s going on

  1. jonny says:

    I was talking to a top worldwide net designer in a interweb cafe yesterday and he said that no portfolio is complete without a top notch sunday league football team wedsite. Especially when you already won an award for doing it. He said. So i downloaded my mousemat to the megabytes and left throught a backdoor.

    Ah happy times

  2. Phil says:

    No idea about taxes and what-not. Google-searches always provide the answers.

    Glad to hear you?re feeling better. I?m thinking about my own little enterprise. Must be something in the water.

    Either that or we just prefer to be our own bosses.

  3. Tom says:

    Seriously consider going to Las Vegas. The best holiday we have ever had.

  4. adem says:

    Phil ? are you talking about the starship or a business venture?


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