I was lost but now I?m found

Isn?t life strange? In the last post I was lamenting lost friends and aquaintances and was wishing to get back in contact with a lot of people. Well yesterday I got an email in my inbox from Mike, who was Vice-President of the Students? Union when I was a fresher, and also ran the bar for a while the year after that. I wouldn?t say we were best mates but we got on well and had a fair bit in common, and it?s nice to catch up with him.

I?m not too sure how he found my site, I probably got , I must find out. But my blog has inspired him to start his own which you can find at http://stinkies.blogspot.com/. It?s in its early day but who knows..

On the point of googling I typed in a few people?s names but got back nothing?tsk?who would?ve thought that?.

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2 Responses to I was lost but now I?m found

  1. Mike says:

    You may have felt lost but I knew where to find you? Ticklin? the Pickle.co.uk? May the funk be with you!

  2. adem says:

    TTP ? bringing people together


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