Come and have a go if you think you?re hard enough

Man Utd 1:0 Chelsea

Wahey!!!! Now for those of you who follow football you?ll know what this means. I am not a supporter of either team and actually hate them with great fervour. It is something quentessentially British that we like to see those once great figureheads fall, be it a celebrity or in this case a footbal team. I used to just hate Manchester United but once they got crap then I didn?t mind them as much, now my hate has projected to Chelsea who tonight lost for the first time in 40 league games.

So there we go.

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3 Responses to Come and have a go if you think you?re hard enough

  1. Lord Bargain says:

    As a season ticket holder to the Manchester Buccaneers I?d just like to say:


    or something.

    Chelsea Rent Boys, Chelsea Rent Boys, oh-oh?.

  2. adem says:

    [Warning bad taste - you may be offended!]

    I was told this one. Just imagine it to the tune of Craig David ? Re-wind.

    Van Per-sie, When the girl shouts ?no?, molest her!

    very bad but very witty too.

  3. Lord Bargain says:

    i love the Man City fans new chant about Darious Vassell to the tune of the Kaiser Chiefs ?I Predict A Riot?.

    it goes?

    ?Sven should pick Darius, Sven should pick Darius??


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