I’m sick and tired, of always being sick and tired

I had quite a nice weekend. On Friday we went around to Dan?s for a poker night. I took round my table and chips along with the PS2. Tom and Ian were the big winners taking home 30 each but at least when I got knocked out I got to play the new Pro Evo 5!

On Saturday I had a bit of a clear-up in the garden, finally putting away the BBQ, the garden chairs, and sweeping up all the leaves on the patio, then in the evening I went to Andy and Mel?s housewarming and fireworks party.

On Sunday I had football, a county cup game in Dover. We had a full squad but alas no strikers (all crocked) so yours truly went up front with Stiffy (midfielder). In the first half we dominated and I bagged a 2-yarder after a bit of a goalline scramble (not goal of the season, although it?s my first). At half-time we were leading 1-0 although we should?ve got a few more goals. The opponents looked more determined in the 2nd half and in the space of 2 minutes they had got 2 goals which was enough to win them the match. Damnn! Could my day get any worse??.Well I also got a slight pull on my hamstring and then fet really ill in the evening.

Here I am on tuesday morning still feeling ill. I was physically sick on early Monday morning (1am) and didn?t get any sleep due to the constant shivers which resulted in me wearing socks, tracksuit bottoms, and a t-shirt in bed cover up by a fleece blanket, a crochet blanket and a duvet! Obviously I didn?t feel well yesterday so I got the day off work and caught up on some sleep in the afternoon. I?m feeling a lot better today although I still ache all over and have a headache so I?m staying at home again today although I?ll try and do some work later.

So that?s been my week so far?..It can only get better.

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  1. SwissToni says:

    ah pro evo.

    The greates goal I ever scored in that game in open play (my favourite ever is a Zidane free kick from about 30 yards? you know how hard free kicks are too take)?. my fave goal was where my striker tracked the ball over his shoulder and then scored with a swinging, flying volley. Genius.

    The player?

    John Hartson.

    Yeah, I know!



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