Message in a bottle

I?ve been looking at installing some kind of chat feature on my football club?s website but all the ones I?ve come across haven?t been exactly brilliant. I installed a forum on the site using YaBB 2.0 which is absolutely brilliant and involvesjust a little bittle of tinkering on the server side. It?s been going for a month and has already (i?ve just checked) had 479 posts on it which is amazing when you consider that there?s only 17 members signed up.

Many of the guys on the team work in offices and have the forum on in the background and comment throughout the day but it would make better sense to have something like MSN messenger on the site. I scoped the net for solutions and first tried a chatroom but the free ones you can get are pretty bad without much admin control (you can upgrade to these features), also you still need the browser window open which lead me to the idea of a messenger type thingy.

I found which gives you a pop-up messenger but the features are bit poor in that even though it is site specific you have to manually search for people to add to your friends list.

I really want a free web-based messenger that has heavy admin controlls. It must also involve no software downloads as many offices don?t allow this. If anyone can help me on this matter I?d be very happy.

I?ve got bowling tonight at AMF in Margate with the football club. I?ll chat with them about it too I think.

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  1. adem says:

    I?ve installed a ?shoutbox? now from

    It?s basically a tagboard that is normally used on blogs.


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