somehow the vital connection is made

I am blogging wireless!

I ordered a 3com Wireless ADSL Modem Router from which included a free 802.11g Pcmcia Card (is it really free or do they just whack the price up and put it in the box?) which came to 64.99 (incl. VAT) plus 5 postage. There were a few cheaper options but 3com are a recognised name and I read the reviews on the site and most were extremely positive.

It arrived on Thursday and I left work early so I could try it out! It was very simple and initially involved loading the software and plugging in the gagdets. I then had to go to an admin screen on the web and configure the connection, change passwords, usernames, and activate other security features. I connected the desktop to the modem via cable and used the card in my laptop. A few wizard steps later and I was wireless!

Obviosuly the novelty of walking around the house with the laptop has worn off but I?m thinking of morefun to be had. I?m thinking that I could possibly be able to get the wireless at the local pub from the reception from my house! It may invlove getting a stronger attenna for the modem but it would be bit of novelty althoug hit would interfere with drinking.

I haven?t set up a network yet because I can?t be bothered at the moment but that will be the next step. The one thing stopping me is the crap that?s on the desktop PC. It?s slowed down from what it was before to to the extreme amount of crap on it. I really need to delete a lot of stuff from in and maybe transfer some of it onto DVD. I made a start before but it?s going to take quite a while.

That?s the end of the techy post but all I can say is that if you?re looking to go wireless then the 3com Wireless ADSL Modem Router is a good deal and very easy to set up. If you want something else then remember to get a modem and router together, unlike my friend Tim who also just bought a router, saw ASDL in the title, and thought it had a modem. WRONG. Always read the small print thoroughly. Lesson learned.

Laters all.

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