December 12th, 2009Blog, TechnologyAdem 3 Comments

You can also find me over here writing about useful things. I?ve had the domain for quite a while sitting around doing nothing, so I thought I?d use it as somewhere I can experiement and write about non-personal/non-thanet things. I am also keeping the site ?on topic? and seeing what effect that has on page [...]

November 17th, 2009Technology, The WebAdem 3 Comments

I?m guessing that a lot of you are on Facebook, or you think it?s a load of tripe, but if you are a Facebook user (and a  geek) then you may be interested to know that it is possible to use the Konami Code on it. In short this is a cheat code that the [...]

January 8th, 2009Blog, TechnologyAdem 0 Comments

I?ve just added a new WordPress plugin called ?Bird Feeder? which should automatically update my twitter feed with the post title and a shortened url. There?s only one way to try this out so consider this a test post. Update: It works fine. At least now my twitter feed will be updated a little more [...]

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