This blog is about me, Adem, and how I am going about increasing my passive income.

If you’re reading this page then I’m sure you’ve read many other blogs where the authors are make £1,000s a day and seem to have nailed the ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Of course a lot of them are willing the share this with you if you buy their latest ebook for $37. Great news eh? The fact is that there is money to be made online but only the very few will make huge amounts of money mentioned and be able to quit their job, but I don’t want to quit my job, I just want to earn a little on the side to supplement my 9-5 wages.

After reading many articles on niche websites, passive income, and making money online I created my first ‘niche website’ in May 2011 and I got lucky and it has been a success earning me over £200 each month from AdSense adverts. It’s not enough to retire on but it’s a significant figure that is helping me pay the bills. The aim now is to make more websites, make more money, and share with you how I am doing this.

A bit about Adem

I’m 30, work in the higher-education sector, and live in the UK. Concise enough an answer? You really don’t want to know more do you?

What you can expect from this blog

I will primary be letting you know how I’m getting on and how much I’m earning from my websites but I also read a fair amount online so will be hoping to share useful information with you about how you too can improve your passive income.