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It?s usually pretty hard to get people to reveal their moneymaking websites publicly because it?s all too easy for someone else to come along rip-off your idea and content, and end up with you losing out on revenue. I?ve seen it happen. I?ve had it happen to me. Hell, I?ve even seen sites doing well and thought ?I?ll have a bit of that action? and created a site in the same niche (but obviously with my own unique content).

At the end of the day it?s never good to share a site that is thin, offers little, and can be easily copied. If you don?t create a strong site then you?ll easily be pushed aside by others. I am tempted though to start my own niche site project. What do you think?

Pat from SmartPassiveIncome.com created his SecurityGuardTrainingHQ.com site a few years ago and it?s grown into a site that regularly brings in at least $2,500 dollars a month from AdSense revenue. Nice eh? When he started disclosing how much he was earning there were many who tried to copy his site but they have never been able to match what he is doing.

Spencer from Niche Pursuits started his own public niche site last year and BestSurvivalKnifeGuide.com is an affiliate site based on product links to Amazon. It?s not been going long and in March it earned around $80 and looks set to keep going and earn more.

Those are two example of two different types of website: Informative/Resource and Product/Review. Each has it?s merits and each has its potential pitfalls.

I have made more money by informative sites utilising AdSense than I have product sites using Amazon and that is partly because I find it harder to rank product sites on Google as it normally favours brands and places them higher in the rankings. That said in 2012 I did sell £20,000 worth of products through Amazon earning me £1,000 in affiliate referral fees so I don?t completely suck.


So I think I?ll start my own public niche site project and see how it goes. I?ll be doing everything from scratch and perhaps you can follow along with me? Is anyone up for making this a competition? Pop a comment below if you fancy taking part and let?s see if we can make some money!

The plan will be as follows:

  • Pick a keyword/product to target
  • Buy a domain
  • Build a site
  • Get content
  • Start ranking
  • Start earning

It sounds oh so simple doesn?t it? I can already say that I will be using Amazon to monetise the site as a bit of a challenge so I just need to start some research into what I can actually create a site about. hmmm. As I said if you want in on the action then just comment below and I will be completely public in everything I do. Sounds like fun eh?


'4 Responses to ?Public Niche Site Project ? Who?s In??'
  1. Lloyd says:

    I reckon I?d be up for having a stab at this?

    Fairly new to affiliate/adsense etc, but have had a small site on autopilot since about this time last year. It monetizes via selling amazon products and has been a steady £40 ? £50 per month. Its focused on one core product in the home/garden sector.

    Tried to replicate the above success with another niche product but with no luck!!

  2. Ray says:

    Sounds fun!
    I was thinking recently about setting up another Amazon site.

    Don?t forget the £7 cap on commissions so anything that sells for over around £150 may not make as much as with another retailer. The minimum 5% commission does make up a bit for this though.

    If it?s a competition, do we all have to be working in the same niche like the old A4U competitions? Gold lockets was one I remember!

  3. Adem says:

    hmmm.. I maybe underestimated my free time and may have to put this on hold for a little bit. Apologies..