?Cause I saw the end before we?d begun, Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won

My plans for my actual birthday were to have some fun during the day, maybe a spot of bowling, etc, but in the end we were all too tired and hungover and so I text everyone to tell them to meet up the Pub at 8pm for a few drinks and then maybe a wander down the seafront. That was the plan.

After the escapade?s of Friday night I got a call from V [the now ex-colleague moving away] asking to meet up the pub at 6pm [10 minutes away] so I popped a fresh top on [bought from Matalan with some Birthday money] and got around there. I admit it was slightly awkward at first and slightly embarrassing as this is the pub where I work and there were loads of nudge nudge wink winks going around. We went into the pool room to play a few games and be somewhere a bit more private and soon things got back on track. As I said it was awkward and the first thing was to get this out in the open, she agreed, and from there we were able to talk honestly and frankly about everything.

It was a weird situation as we both knew she was going away but we both agreed that if that were not the case then we would?ve moved the relationship on. I know V only through working we her and so we have a few things in common but what do you talk about??? Usually crap because you?re scared of making a fool of yourself and not actually committing to talking about personal things, but here?s how it changed with V. Everything was going well and it was really good to actually talk about relationships with someone who I?ve had one of the shortest relationships with! [less than 24 hours!!]

It was soon 8pm and my friends turned up and so I had to share my time with V and them, but they were cool. The thing with Ramsgate is that virtually everyone knows everyone else, especially if you frequent the pub [a bit like Eastenders then], and so everyone we knew came in, and usually I?d be a bit embarrassed but in this case I wasn?t and I think this was because we were very honest with each other and everyone likes to see 2 people happy in each others company.

V was meant to be finishing her packing that evening but of course couldn?t resist and stayed till 10pm. We went outside and said our farewells which was quiet hard but obviously inevitable, and so that was the end of that. we?ve got emails and phones and so we will keep in touch although it won?t be the same. Long distance relationships do not work and are very hard to maintain but I will visit her when she?s settled down just to catch up with something who I could connect with.

I think the lesson learned is to be more confident and not afraid to express feelings. It?s pretty obvious but something we do not always do. I hope you?ve enjoyed this romantic excursion on the Big Blog and hopefully more to follow from this Lothario?..either that or more boring posts coming up.

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2 Responses to ?Cause I saw the end before we?d begun, Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won

  1. red one says:

    Adem ? a slightly belated happy birthday from me. And that was a really nice post.

  2. Phil says:

    Gotta say Dude, it?s alittle crappy. You finally meet a nice bird and she buggers off. Not fair at all. Long distance relationships can work, if you want them to, think about it.


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