One way ticket to hell?AND BACK!!

Today is my birthday and I am now 25 years of age but I will not be partying too much tonight as I celebrated yesterday by going to France with 7 friends and am now very tired.

I got up at 6:20am to shower and make 8 lots of bacon sarnies before getting to the train station for 7:15am and getting the train to Dover in order to get the 9:45am sailing to Calais. It only takes 40 minutes to get to Dover but due to increased security we would have to check in 45 minutes before the sailing. I won?t talk much about the day sufficed to say that I started drinking at 9:45am and ended at 2:30am, which meant that I drank A LOT. I?ve got to say that I?m shockingly quite proud of this and am being a complete hypocrite as in the past I?ve had many rants about drinkers and alcohol, but hey it was my birthday!

Now to go slightly on a tangent?. We got back to the local at 10pm and had slightly sobered up by this time so we were going to stay there till 12am, have some more drinks, and then make our own ways. I had also arranged to meet a work colleague from the Pub who is moving to Stevenage this weekend and when we got to the pub I bumped into her and she tried to persuade me to go clubbing in Margate. As I said I was quite tired by that time as it had been a long day but I really wanted to go as, well, I quite fancied her. We?ve been working together on Monday evenings and have been getting on really well together, and dare I say it slightly flirting, so maybe the evening was going to get even better [if you get what I mean].

I had a word with the guys and tried to persuade them to come along to Margate but they weren?t really up for it, but a couple said they?d come along if I really wanted them too. I was going to hold them to it but before I knew it I was in a Taxi with said colleague and several other fellow workers or the female persuasion. We had a few drinks in Yates and then headed off to Buzz club and it soon became apparent that something could be happening. The night went well and we spent the night dancing and kissing. I felt good and rejuvenated as it?s been a while since I?ve seen some ?action?.

She told me that she hadn?t been sure whether I was interested in her or not [obviously this had been clarified over the evening] and it?s true as I?m really quite bad at taking hints and spotting signs as I guess I?m quite scared of making a fool of myself by misreading the situation. I?ve been the subject of unrequited love and also been a victim of it too, and I can tell you it is very awkward. In this circumstance everything worked out quite well, but obviously she is moving away and so this relationship is ended before it has begun?damn.

I have a few questions. How can you tell the difference between casual friendly flirting and ?I want this to be something more? flirting?? Usually unless it?s very full on then there?s not much difference. In the past my lovelife has been saved by getting the lowdown from best friends and knowing that my advances will not be rejected. I guess I?m scared of rejection but for this I will use one of my favourite sayings: ?You can?t win the lottery if you don?t buy a ticket.?

So here I am slightly boosted in confidence but knowing that I won?t take my own advice.

I?m off out again tonight but will definitely be taking it a bit easier tonight. Laters

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5 Responses to One way ticket to hell?AND BACK!!

  1. Lord Bargain says:

    if someone had the answers to those questions, my friend, they?d be bloody billionaires.

    It?s a minefield, and no mistake.

    Although, I can?t believe you ended up snogging a bird you had a drink with in Yates?. Round here that is a recipe for distater?.

  2. adem says:

    We knew each other before Yates!!

  3. adem says:

    but guess what?? she?s only 18!!! I?m a cradle snatcher!!!!

  4. Phil says:

    The best kind of cradle snatching though.

    It?s hardly Gary Glitter territory is it?

  5. adem says:

    Sorry Phil that was a typo it?s meant to say 12!! lol


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