Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

A very Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year.
Let?s hope it?s a good one,
Without any fear.

mmmm?.?Merry Christmas??yes?.?Without any fear??ummm?no. On 20th March 2003 the Iraq war started, and although it was assumed that the conflict would be over pretty soon [after all we are vastly superior] today ?celebrates? the 1000th day of the war. Okay troops are pulling out and the US may not still class it as a war against Iraq [afterall they got Saddam didn't they], instead a war against terrorism, but people are dying everyday, bombs are going off, and I think we can categorically deny that ?War is Over? and that it will be a ?good one, without any fear.?
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2 Responses to Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

  1. Phil says:

    Gotta partly disagree my friend.
    The definition of war is an active engagement of forces against an agressor or enemy. The war was declared over and troops in Iraq became peacekeepers. The rules of engagement change from ?Engage & Destroy? to ?React and Contain? which is vastly different and actually puts our soliders at a far greater risk as they have to wait to be shot at before they can act.

    The other thing is that under Saddam Hussain an average of 70,000 people per year died, a figure that was increasing every year. A total of 300,000 Children under 5 are included in that statistic. So far 70,000 people have been killed in the past 2 years since Iraq was occuppied and the number is decreasing.

    There?s no peace, but there will be.

  2. adem says:

    I agree that it?s a better place without Saddam but could the war have been dealt with in a different way?? should it really be in it?s 1000th day?? Do the people of Iraq really want the kind of democracy that we?re trying to impose on them??

    too many questions that I cannot answer.


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