On the road again?

A few posts back I told you of my brief dalliance with V. She moved away and I thought ?end of story? although she said she would be visiting from time to time. Well we?ve been talking a bit on the phone and she told me that she?d be visiting this weekend as she could get a lift down with her Mum, I said that I could always give her a lift back, and then she said why don?t I just go up there this weekend to visit.

So on friday I?ll be making my way to stevenage and I?ll come back early Sunday morning.

I?ll tell you more then??who know?s what will happen?it?s been a while??

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3 Responses to On the road again?

  1. Phil says:

    Nice one mate. Have a great time. The bloggersphere demands pictures of this lovely, and oh-so lucky, lady.

  2. Lord Bargain says:

    good work, my friend.

    where there?s a will, eh?

  3. adem says:

    Has anything changed in the world of men and women since I?ve been ?off the scene??


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