I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye. I?m glad to go, I cannot tell a lie.

So I saw V today and we kinda agreed to finish things as they were. As I?ve probably mentioned before we weren?t girlfriend/boyfriend and were classified as ?seeing each other? which was kinda cool as it was hard to see each other regularly due to the distance and meant we could see how things went. It was pretty obvious that things were dying down as I didn?t speak to her for a week and couldn?t really be bothered which is probably true on her behalf too. All it took was 30 seconds for the ?relationship? to end and luckily it was very mutual, and even luckier it was instigated by her so no effort on my behalf! We were in the pub, the conversation lulled and she said that she still wanted to see me but not in the same way. Phew. I agreed of course and was quite happy as if she hadn?t said it I would?ve had to, and I?m a bit of a coward on that front.

Most relationships I?ve had have ended mutually, although there have been a couple that I?ve had to end, and I must admit I?ve felt like a complete c**t, as they haven?t felt the same way. Invariably the cliched ?It?s not you, it?s me? speech arises and I feel really bad, although I?ve felt it was for the best. In the case with V it was all very simple.

So there we go, I am now officially back on the market, although I think this experience has clarified several things that I am looking for in future endeavors. I have previously said that I don?t have a ?type?, but I?m sure there are certain aspects and qualities that are in my control.

They must live near me
They must be around my age [24-27]
They must like my friends

Not too specific, but still obviously challenging. I suppose quite a bit of this stems from my friends. I will always value my friends and they will always come first as they are like family to me. I am busy during the week with work and other commitments and so when it comes to the weekend I need to see my friends, and this is where the long distance thing doesn?t work. If I have to spend the weekend away then I will not see them and this is not what I want. The ideal solution would be to meet someone who will enjoy socialising with me and my friends.

Of course my friends are of a certain age and in the case of V [18] she may have been a bit young. I may be slightly set in my ways and I think at that age of late teens you need to get things out of your system, go out drinking and partying and clubbing. I?ve done that and am a fully fledged ?grown-up? and so would enjoy the company of someone with a history, who has done the things that I have, and so we have a common background, which is hard with someone born in mid 1986, and who I can?t relate to fully.

So there we go. That?s what I?m looking for?easy eh?? I did enjoy chatting with the girl on Saturday in London, and did get her number, but I will not be following it up at the moment, as it?s the whole distance thing again? women eh?? geography eh??

Night Night. Tomorrow is another day.

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4 Responses to I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye. I?m glad to go, I cannot tell a lie.

  1. Flash says:

    As one who left his family home for a girl all those years ago, I wholeheartedly support your must live nearby rule. I do think your age range has some room for manoever(sp?) though. Particularly at the higher end.

  2. adem says:

    I will be flexible in my age range thingy. Beggars can?t be choosers.

    And if I did meet this fantastic girl who was a bit older what am I going to say? ?f**k off you?re too old for me, you cradle snatcher!? ?no I will not.

  3. Erm, I am no good at the whole end of a relationship advice/condolence thing. I?m not.


    I hope that works. And I hope you find a nice lass. There?s plenty out there.

  4. Ginny says:

    It?s all a learning experience until you meet the right one.


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