It?s a London thing, it?s a London thing.

It?s Abi?s birthday tomorrow and in celebration we all had fun over the weekend. Abi and Steve moved up to london last year and so a little convoy [10 of us in 3 cars] made our way to Lewisham yesterday at around 3pm.

Steve had booked a minibus for 7pm which would take us to the Big Chill Bar, just off Brick Lane, where we would spend the evening, so we got some beers in, had a chat, and got ready.

I won?t go too much into the night [because I can't remember a great deal!] but we all had a good time and I spent my evening drinking draught Budvar and sampled a few pints of Westons Cider.

I usually find the best part of these nights is the day after when all the lost memories of the night resurface and you piece together the events that transpired on the alcohol-fueled evening. Apparently I may have been freestyle rapping with Chris [there should be a video soon...], almost got thrown-out [I may have fallen over when play fighting...not too sure who with], um and I may have got a girls phone number [a friend of Mels, but I think we'll leave it there]. There?s more photo?s to surface and I think a few more stories may arise over the week.

I?ll leave you with this picture from pre-going out [I'd like to point out that it was case you weren't too sure, but it was hard to resist as there was a copy of lads mag front in the toilet, and a room of friends to amuse.]

[worrying stain on pants.....mmmm]
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7 Responses to It?s a London thing, it?s a London thing.

  1. Pynchon says:

    Is that (gulp) Britney?

  2. adem says:

    I don?t think so. She wouldn?t go topless, would she?? *wiping drool from chin*

  3. Brittany. Ew. Sorry?

    Well, looks as if you had a nice time, if this was just the start of the evening.


  4. jonny says:

    I can?t believe you?d go behind Sticky V?s back like that chatting up the ladies, you hussy. She would never do that kind of thing to anyone else. Disgusting!

  5. Flash says:

    Good work Fella!

  6. Pynchon says:

    There?s nothing wrong with Britney!

    I love her. One day I will marry her. (Or at least use her in a sexual manner, like a cad.)

  7. adem says:

    To be honest I?m not a great Britney fan.


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